投稿者: | 2012年11月13日





ADD: (wackdone) screenshots of topmost dialoge window only by CNTRL+screenshot tool click
ADD: (wackdone) -pause on command line pauses the loaded game
FIX: downgrading of stops using CONTRL works again
ADD: scripted scenarios
ADD: river algorithm faster and river number automatically scaled with map size
CHG: proper support for non-rectangularly shaped factories, no dummy (0,0)-tiles
ADD: support for non-rectangular shaped station extensions, attractions, monuments
CHG: Allow to connect to channels built by anyone
CHG: fieldd can now spawned in larger number than the initial min value
CHG: number of factories in new world dialog is now indeed the total number of factories (too many newbe mistakes here)
ADD: force a minimum distance between city attractions
ADD: Drag stops
CHG: reduced memory consumption when compiled with COLOUR_DEPTH=0, no copies of object images kept in memory
ADD: ctrl-click with link-factory tool actually removes links between factories
ADD: station buildings can be restricted to above/under ground (parameter allow_underground, =0 only above, =1 only under, =2 both/default)
CHG: rework scenario directory structure: scenario my_scen is in my_scen/, script file is my_scen/scenario.nut



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