terms of use(2015/05/11 in Eng)

投稿者: | 2015年5月11日

This terms are applied for all of Manche/まんちぇ’s add-on(s).
Remade free and Re-hand out free.
this item is inherit from 555’s license and so on’s license.
but you can’t cut out add-on(s) picture for use as source add-on(s).
You can reuse my add-on(s) picture for other games.
I don’t certify your skill can that.
Don’t reproduce for accident.
Somebody game, one boy reproduce accident, all of member of that kick and punch around him.
Don’t make from my Fictional Railway to use source to make add-on.
Don’t use my add-on(s) for commerce.
you use my add-on(s) for NetSimutrans, Please contact me before start game.
you can use free XEMseries from my add-on(s).
you should learn skill, visual, from touch, punch with my source.
If you’re the English, please read behind this.
Don’t read ‘readme.txt’, because of that is only written in Japanese.
May be, you think you own can’t understand that, Please Read Behind This.
If you re-hand out my add-on(s), please contact to me.
please contact to me.


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