#simutrans stable 120.2 r8077

投稿者: | 2017年2月13日






#simutrans nightly ver 120.1.4 r8033[変更点あり]

FIX: incorrect scaling of electricity revenue with respect to month length
FIX: electricity related information now accuratly reflects the last tick of the network
FIX: electricity networks are no longer prone to arithmetic overflow which could result in incorrect graphics or income
FIX: electricity networks no longer skip a power tick or lose revenue accumulators during a save/load cycle
CHG: simplified transformer information UI removing redundant or meaningless values
CHG: factory power is solved in 1 tick instead of 2
CHG: various improvements to JIT2 to improve factory and electricity network stability
CHG: factories which produce power log the amount of power production consumed instead of the amount of power produced
CHG: factories which consume power log the amount consumed as negative
FIX: F12 no longer brings up the ingame help window in the Steam version of Simutrans




#simutrans nightly ver 120.1.4 r7754~ 変更点まとめ

ADD: scriptable AI players (folder AI which contains sqai now with distribution)
ADD: (jk271) switch to load heightmaps with more height levels
ADD/FIX: slopes for groundobj now working again. If there are groundobjs with climate water, then these will be used occasionally at the coastline
ADD: ground name=shore with Image[slope][0,1=snow, if there] for display at shoreline
ADD: length of max tiles checker after choose sign/signal configurable (max_choose_route_steps)
ADD: basic nearest pixel DPI awareness to prevent UI from being too small on high density displays
ADD: make public tool can be dragged to rapidly make multiple objects public
ADD: make public tool cost can be configured
ADD: make public tool can be configured to not work on ways or way objects for companies
ADD: on multiplayer servers any client capable of using the public service player can bypass password checks for all companies
ADD: support service names for ports in network URNs

FIX: sorting according to displayed name in house/cur/industry building lists
FIX: reload themes after restart
FIX: demo.sve were never loaded, since the auto-load assumed existence even if there was none
FIX: smoke tile when rotated factory views
FIX: no longer assert when duplicate tiles exists in convoy path list, instead it gets logged (please report log if it occurs)
FIX: corrected hitbox and resize logic of scrolled list GUI element, which prevents crashes caused by invalid selection
FIX: network core correctly enumerates local bind addresses instead of repeatedly trying to bind to the first local address

CHG: update to squirrel 3.1
CHG: monthly fixed costs for vehicles now uint32 (needs makeobj 55.4)
CHG: building cities, plant trees, make public, headquarters and artificial slope tools check for sufficient funds
CHG: planting trees is no longer possible by companies when no_trees configuration is set
CHG: make public tool now works on incline and tunnel entrance ways
CHG: make public tool now treats way objects separately from ways
CHG: notifications about ways being made public in multiplayer games are produced less frequently
CHG: retained ways from liquidated companies are transferred to the public service player


・ground nameにshore(海岸線)を追加。通常のスロープの指定と同じく記述を行うが、海岸線でのみ反映される。

# How many tiles to check before giving up on finding a free bay at a stop? (200 default)
max_choose_route_steps = 250





・squirrel 3.1にアップデート
・乗り物の月額維持費の値の型をuint32にした(makeobj 55.4が必要)
→維持費が単純に32bit化ってことです。UInt32 構造体




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